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Topic: Thank You for using this Posting Board since 2003

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Thank You for using this Posting Board since 2003



Hello Everyone I launched this forum in 2003. I am a musician myself from Massapequa now living in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. John from LongIslandExchange.com give me the URL: LongIslandMusicians.com a few years or so ago. If anyone would like to help out with that site please let me know.

I am in need of a few more clients. If you can refer me that would be much appreciated. What I do is help small businesses put up FREE to LOW cost websites I work to get them found on search and build a local twitter target market from them.


Mark Barreres - 540-335-8190

WebPromotion.com has taken our search rankings to new levels in only a matter of weeks. We are a new and growing company in Charlottesville VA. We wanted a good looking but affordable website and marketing plan. They deliver way more then they promise, best of all they have a winning attitude that is simply there to help promote our business. It's nice to find a team that's genuinely cares about the growth and preservation of small businesses." - Chris Curtis, Coffee Roaster Charlottesville VA

Feel free to use our Long Island Classifieds


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