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Topic: Metronome Sales at Discount Prices

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Metronome Sales at Discount Prices


Why Use A Metronome?


Most music teachers consider the metronome indispensable, and most professional musicians, in fact, continue to practice with a metronome throughout their careers. Because its beat is perfectly steady, the metronome is an excellent practice tool for musicians. Practicing with a metronome is extremely useful for developing and maintaining rhythmic precision, for learning to keep consistent tempos, for countering tendencies to slow down or speed up in specific passages, and for developing evenness and accuracy in rapid passages.

Wittner Metronome Sales 


Seiko Metronome Sales



Matrix Metronome Sales



Dr. Beat Metronome Sales 



KORG Metronome Sales



Cherub Metronome Sales



QWiK TiME Metronome Sales



Intelli Metronome Sales



MetroAmp Metronome Sales



Pitch Pipe / 
Tone Generator



Franz Metronome Sales



Metronome Stand


Music Stands

Not sure which model  you need? There are many models  to pick from and it depends what you are using the metronome for. If you need a metronome for music purposes, any model  will work well, but there are some with more features than others. 

   Quartz and keywound models  are a little easier to use than digital models, as you can dial the tempo quickly with a quartz metronome - a digital model  requires pressing a button till you get to the tempo. -  Look at Matrix and Seiko  for great quartz models at a low price.

  Need a loud metronome... the loudest are the , Matrix  Mr600,  and Seiko Sq70 are our loudest. The  Mr 550  is a digital metronome with an lcd display. This model also has  loud volume and is our least expensive model  with volume control, accenting features, tone generation, and includes an earphone. The Mr 500 is one of the best buys as it has a loud click and is very simple to operate, includes a led light & an earphone. Need a very loud metronome -- for chorus, band, orchestra, large groups... look at the MetroAmp packages

   The Wittner keywound metronomes with a swinging pendulum let you see the motion of the beat. The bell models will also accent the first beat with a bell sound. The keywound models give the most natural sound of all the metronomes and are very pleasing to the ear. Winding the Wittner keywound model 8 to 10 turns, will run most Wittner Metronomes for at least 30-40 minutes. The Taktell Mini is a great metronome for portability, but the sound is louder on the Taktell Piccolo or Standard Models. Using the keywound models is simple and with winding the key about 8 -12 times the sound should last from 20 to 30 minutes. The plastic standard models are identical to the standard wood model... except for the case which is wood. The wood is made from a composite wood and then finished with walnut, mahogany, or black finishes. The Wittner Qm2 quartz metronome has been the most dependable model we have sold and the engineering of this metronome is of very high quality. 
  For exercise, physical therapy, dog training, or golf swing... our most popular model  is the Seiko DM50 Clip On. 
  Confused or not sure which metronome you need - call 800 586-3876 and we will try to help you.

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