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Topic: Long Island Bass Player Looking for Classic Rock Cover Band

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Long Island Bass Player Looking for Classic Rock Cover Band


Bass Player looking for a 60's/70's Rock Cover Band         Nassau County

I'm 56, over 30 yrs exp., play on vintage equipment, and a Straight up Rock Bassist (No Jazz) that knows his role in a band : when to lay back ( Donald the "Duck" Dunn), and when to step-up (John Entwistle). Been playing for over 28yrs, was in too many bands to count..I sing Garage/Rock "crowd pleasers" like "Substitute","Satisfaction",'I'm 18",ect and do them justice!(but am by no means a front man or want to be one) I am currently looking for a Classic Rock cover band (only!).Would like to join a ready, or as close to READY TO PLAY OUT Band situation as possible. I'm well versed in rock'n Roll circa 1955 - 1980("Chuck Berry to the Sex Pistols"). This is what I do, with some group examples : Old style Black Blues (Muddy Waters , Howlin Wolf etc.. ), 50's Rockers (Chuck Berry,Bo Diddly, Buddy Holly Eddie Cochran) Stax/Motown ( Temptations,Sam&Dave etc...), British Invasion (Animals Early Kinks/Who/Stones etc...,) Folk Rock (Dylan, Donovan, Byrds,CS&N) 60's Surf (Trashmen,Safaries,Dick Dale, Ventures,etc...), 60's Garage Music ( Sonics,Standells, Troggs) 60's &70's Classic Rock, (Pink Floyd,Doors, CCR,Beatles, New Stones,Dylan,Hendrix/Cream,etc...70's Southern Rock,( Allmans,Skynerd,Eagles Marshal Tucker,etc...70's Hard Rock (Black Sabbath,Mountain,Deep purple,Humble Pie,etc...70's Punk (Iggy & the Stooges,Clash Ramones,Sex Pistols), & some 80's New Wave (Blondie,Devo, B52's,etc...) Some 80's & 90's OK


*Very Important : Please read!: No Jazz/Fusion, No extremely "Mellow"Rock, No Wedding bands, No Calypso, No Dance Bands, No 'Big Hair 80's Metal or an exclusive 90's 2000s band *My Location: Nassau County **e-mail me at monosynth1@hotmail.com

* As far as rehearsal locations:- Nassau County/Eastern Queens/Western Suffolk: Good! Eastern Suffolk /Western Queens/Brooklyn/NYC: *Not Good!*


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